Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Check out the LOVE

There is so much LOVE going around about Arias With a Twist, and here is your next installment, straight to the vein... John Topping's review of the show in Stage and Cinema.

Mr Topping feels that it is possibly the best show he's seen in his life!

"How good is it? Let’s see. The best show I’ve seen this year? Yes. The best show I’ve ever seen in my life? Maybe. Among the 10 best theatrical experiences I’ve ever had? Definitely. "

He's in love with the puppets and really seems to GET THEM. He understands that puppetry is EXPANSIVE and fantastic:

"This is comparatively more traditional puppetry, including human figures being manipulated with strings from above. But by no means is it confined to the string variety. To officially be deemed puppetry, it merely requires that something inanimate be brought to life by human agency."

and he dotes on the fact that this is "living and breathing" theater:

"There’s never any question that what you’re seeing are puppets. You see the strings, you see the poles, you catch glimpses of the puppeteers dressed head to toe in black. But it’s more than a puppet show and it’s more than a drag show. It is an explosion of imagination, doled out in gigantic portions of fun. "

And finally he lets you all know that

"it is not merely a good idea to go. You must."

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