Saturday, September 27, 2008

Olivia Loves Puppets

That sounds like a new idea someone should run with! The infamous creator of Olivia (The Pig), the cutie pie Ian Falconer and bubbly young friends enjoy a grope from Joey post show. As Joey would say there's more nipple play where that came from...

Date Night

Totally honored that Phil and Jennifer Stanton, otherwise known as Scout's mom and dad, would spend their date night with Arias with a Twist. We have been big fans of Phil and Blue Man Group since the LaMaMa days. My little brother even interned with the show at Astor Place way back when Phil was still performing. (That certainly changed his adolescent mind in ways my mom and dad are still experiencing! Ha!) Phil please send the whole blue men family to visit Joey, we would love to welcome everyone! Maybe we should be the company Christmas Party--now thats a good idea!